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A Heartfelt Warning Concerning the
Deep and Open Ministry Compromises of Dr. Joel Beeke

The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke's Ministries Continues
What do new evangelicals, Romanists, Orthodox “Christians,” Seventh Day Adventists, apostate Protestants, feminists, evolutionists, and even “gay Christians” have in common? Dr. Joel Beeke has joined in preaching and teaching fellowship with all of them! March 22, 2016

Yes, even sodomite ministers!
Also addressed is the X Su Palabra conference. October 6, 2016

A Conference of Contradiction and Confusion

The continuing assault upon the authority and trustworthiness of the Scriptures
A special “Heart of the Matter” report. A number of audio sound bites are included in this program.

Will the Steward Be Found Faithful?

Mohler and Mormons

The Transcript of a Heart of the Matter Documentary on Refo500: "A Popish Octopus with a Very Long Reach"
Main speaker, Ralph Ovadal, pastor of Pilgrims Covenant Church
Closing commentary by Rev. Ivan Foster, Free Presbyterian Church, Ret.

New Calvinists in a Monastery
April 30, 2013
When are star-struck evangelicals going to wake up and stop blindly following grossly compromised celebrity ministers? I am talking specifically now about even men who supposedly hold the line and contend for the faith but who “say, and do not”—men such as John MacArthur, Joel Beeke, and Paul Washer.


Business as Usual at The Master’s College
April 26, 2013
. . . Lately, I was shown some samples of more recent videos posted by TMC and also TMC students. From those, it is pretty clear it is “business as usual” at The Master’s College. For the concerned, or skeptical, here are links to the videos brought to my attention. These videos feature TMC students and, in some cases, staff. They are apparently recorded on campus and using campus facilities. . . .
The Doctrine of Sanctification:
The Old Guy Definition?
Ezra 9:3: "And when I heard
this thing, I . . . sat down astonied."
An article by Pastor Ralph Ovadal
October, 2011






  The "Master's" College? 
  a November, 2011 update

  MacArthur's Disturbing Reply
  February 24, 2010

  Cowardice or Hypocrisy? John MacArthur
  and Albert Mohler
  February 10, 2010