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June 23, 2010
They Ought to Call It "Deathfest"
. . . But what is Lifest? Briefly summed up, it is five days of comedians, rock and roll, blasphemy, and ungodly teachings. It is a demonic, spiritual freak show featuring the false teacher evangelist Luis Palau and socialist, emergent "evangelical" Jim Wallis as keynote speakers. . . .




May 3, 2010

April 30, 2010
A May Day Covenant with Death and Hell

April 28, 2010
A Wonderful and Horrible Thing: May Day 2010
A horrible thing is taking place in Washington, D.C. this Saturday, May 1 which, upon hearing of it, will leave every faithful Christian filled with wonder, that is astonishment, not to mention grief.

August 14, 2009
Franklin Graham: Minister of Christ or Priest of Baal?
"And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them." 1 Kings 18:28

New Evangelicals and the Papal Fable
July 8, 2009. The mainstream secular media (see below) openly document what the new evangelicals refuse to admit. The pope is a socialist and "to the left of almost every politician in America." . . .

Franklin Graham's "Rock"
"For their rock is not as our Rock . . ." Deuteronomy 32:31

May 22, 2009.  As the old saying goes, some things never change. Included in that category would have to be the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Billy may no longer hold the reins of that ministry, but they are still firmly in the hands of a consummate neo-evangelical, his son Franklin. I assume most who read this article are familiar with Billy Graham's corrupted gospel and his spiritual fornication with Rome. To say the least, son Franklin is no improvement in that regard. Take, for instance, the upcoming "Rock the River" campaign Graham and his organization have planned for this July-August. . . .

A Consistent Application of a Consistent Error
January 19, 2009.
There will be many conservative evangelicals, including pro-family leaders, who will rightly condemn Rick Warren for his wicked remarks concerning sodomite Bishop Gene Robinson (see below). But brethren, the ungodly errors of Rick Warren are rooted in, and nourished by, the refusal of conservative evangelicals to stand by the Word of God themselves. . . . 

Letter to Gov. Sarah Palin
I have written and sent on our PCC church letterhead the following letter to Governor Sarah Palin. It is my hope that many other pastors and Christians, including Christian women, will share similar sentiments with her. Neo-evangelical pro-family leaders have heaped praise upon Palin and encouraged her to run for president in 2012. Now would be a good time for her to hear from thousands of Christians who hold to the Word of God in such matters.

Cornerstone 2008 Report

PCC flyer handed out at the Cornerstone festival on July 1, 2008

Beware of Mike Huckabee

A Deadly Confluence of Errors
Mr. Huckabee is a product of a neo-evangelical church and pro-family movement which is increasingly manifesting the ill effects of neo-evangelical doctrinal error and spiritual fornication with that woman who rides the beast, the Roman Catholic Church.

When Do We Call Them Wolves?
". . . they ceased not from their own doings, nor from their stubborn way." Judges 2:19

Article in UK paper the Observer about Cornerstone Festival

A Letter to Cornerstone Fans
Distributed at the 2007 Cornerstone festival in Bushnell, Illinois.

Reclaiming America for Whom?
An article by Pastor Ralph Ovadal and letter to Dr. D. James Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy's conference . . . is nothing less than a bold assault upon the gospel and the purity of Christ's bride, the church. Moreover, when just the bare facts about the RAC conference are considered, one could almost be led to wonder if Kennedy is purposely "pushing the envelope" to see how open and blatant he can be in his ecumenical sin! Sadly, he is no doubt safe enough in this era of the teflon-coated evangelical celebrities. . . .

A Commentary on the Cornerstone Festival
A number of us from PCC staged a witness in front of the Cornerstone gates this past Tuesday, which was the opening day of this year's festival. We spent six hours holding signs, giving out a special flyer, interacting one-on-one with hundreds of Cornerstone-goers, and also, in my case, preaching quite a bit.

Cornerstone Dishonors the "Head of the Corner"
Cornerstone Festival is represented as a Christian event, but in reality, it is a profane, worldly carnival which promotes false doctrines and dishonors God. Those who truly are Christ's are to bring glory to Him, not take part in activity which dishonors Him and violates His Word.

More Damaging Confusion
from the "Ex-Gay" Movement

Now Mr. Haley has a new book titled 101 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality. And of course, there are some good things in this book, but it is also a very good example of what I have been talking about with regard to the ex-gay ministry world. I am going to read you some excerpts from Mike Haley's book which I found by skimming through it.

Where Are the Bereans Today?
Dr. Kennedy is no doubt a very influential, powerful person, but he is not using his position and stature to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints"—quite the opposite.

A Response to Elder Steve
Here you will find a letter sent to me from a church elder in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. The man and his message are representative of a perversion of the Christian faith which is perhaps even more dangerous than the apostate Protestants' open rejection of the sovereign authority of God's Word. Following Elder Steve's comments, you will find my response.

The Bride Betrayed
Nationally known, conservative Christian leaders and preachers are the celebrities of the hour here in America. In the last several decades, the Lord's people have finally awakened to the danger posed to life and Christian liberty by the forces of perversion and death. But by and large, Christians have not turned wholly to the Lord—in repentance where needed—for direction and strength to fight the battle which must be fought. Instead, after gazing deeply into the cruel eyes of our God-hating enemies, they have swooned into the arms of a bevy of high-profile, conservative Christian leaders who have promised to protect them.

Using God's Word in Public Debate
Considering God has made Himself obvious to men, then is it not wrong when Christians make Him less obvious to men and even avoid referencing Holy Scripture when addressing the issues of our day? Well, that's exactly what is becoming all the rage in neo-evangelical circles today. There is a philosophy being peddled which goes like this, "Pagans--excuse me--non-Christians, don't understand the Bible; they don't accept the Bible; so we should not use the Bible in public dialogue." Chuck Colson, ecumenicist supreme, preaches this message.


This web site contains references to Wisconsin Christians United (WCU). That ministry, which was founded by Ralph Ovadal in 1993, has been included as a ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church since April 1, 2005. 

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