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May 27, 2009
Team Players All

For a number of years, we have been speaking out on the folly of evangelicals ecumenically yoking with Roman Catholics in hopes of preserving our civil and religious liberties. It is sheer madness and folly for evangelicals to resort to treason against our Lord Jesus Christ in hopes such a strategy will provoke the Lord to give them a victory over the enemies of His church! But it is also folly because just as true, orthodox Romanists will always supplant the cause of Christ with the cause of popery, they are also willing to toss their conservative political convictions, so-called, out the window if need be to gain ground for their master in Rome. Now, yet another example of that reality has surfaced.

Many Americans, including Christians, are familiar with the conservative, pro-family, pro-life Catholic League and CL President Bill Donohue. Readers may or may not know that President Barack Obama's nominee to fill the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court vacancy is also Roman Catholic. In fact, if confirmed, Sonia Sotomayor, will be the sixth Roman Catholic on the court! Now, I am really tempted to comment on this nomination of Sotomayor with regard to the coy relationship between socialist Barack Obama and socialist Benedict the XVI. For instance, is it just a coincidence that the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has been running pro-Obama editorials? But, I mentioned Bill Donohue for a reason. So I will simply urge Christians to read "The Coming (Phoney) War Between Barack and Benedict" and get to the point regarding Donohue. The Sotomayor nomination has shown Mr. Donohue, who is certainly no friend of the gospel, to be no friend of constitutional liberty or true law either. Instead it has shown him to be a true son of Rome and a reliable foot soldier for the pope. Rather than lobby against the liberal, leftist judicial activist Sonia Sotomayor, Donohue has announced that he is actually in her corner because, as he told CNN today, "Even though I'm a conservative and she is not, there's still a certain way that you do root for the home team." The pope's sentiments exactly, although the popes do considerably more than "root" in their bid to romanize the USA and the whole world. Will those ecumenical evangelicals ever remove that "kick me" sign off the seat of their pants? More importantly, will they ever return to their first love, stop betraying Him, and cease making Antichrist's work easy?

—Pastor Ralph Ovadal
Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin, www.pccmonroe.org


This web site contains references to Wisconsin Christians United (WCU). That ministry, which was founded by Ralph Ovadal in 1993, has been included as a ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church since April 1, 2005. 

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