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March 2, 2006
Reynolds, Ovadal, and the Pope

I am forwarding to you a page from the web site of a popular, well-known "conservative" talk show host. Without going into detail, Mr. Sykes spent a considerable amount of time on his program today juxtaposing me alongside everyone from the Man Boy Love Association to Rev. Fred Phelps. Speaking of me, Sykes was generous in his use of labels such as fringe and bigot. In the very short segment of the program to which I listened, a number of persons claiming to be Christians called in to agree with him. Why all the vitriol? Mr. Sykes is upset by my position on the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy. As he labored to reduce my teaching on the Catholic church down to raw hatred and ignorance, Sykes went out of his way to extol the late John Paul II.

I rejoice in all of this because Christians—including pastors, ecumenical ministry leaders, and Christian radio talk show hosts—have once more been challenged to take a stand against the demonic, damning doctrines of Rome. Those who love the Lord, His Word, His Church, and the lost Catholic people (and have some courage) will do just that. The position which I take on the Roman Catholic Church is the historic Protestant position and the doctrine preached by all the solid, Bible-believing ministers from the past which so many Christians today profess to appreciate but which so few emulate. Woe to me and any pastor who will not take that position. It is the doctrine for which our forefathers burned. I am grateful that the Lord has seen fit to use Charlie Sykes, a true hate-monger, and an arrogant one at that, to challenge the Church of Jesus Christ and in the process stir up a debate on Romanism.

How we rejoice that Mr. Sykes, in an attempt to ruin my reputation, has given his followers a link to our web site where they will read the plain truth about the pope! No doubt, the powerful Mr. Sykes is quite happy with his victory; but I think I hear the devil moaning, "Such victories will ruin us."

God does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!

Pastor Ralph Ovadal

Charlie Sykes sykes@620wtmj.com


Charlie Sykes
Charlie Sykes is a radio must-listen. Charlie sifts through the day's news, challenges conventional wisdom, gives the other side of the story, and stands up for what's right. The author of five books, including A Nation of Victims and Dumbing Down Our Kids, Charlie has worked as a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor and has written for publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Raised in Milwaukee, he hosts his daily talk show on Newsradio 620 WTMJ (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - Noon), discusses the news on his weekly television show (Today's TMJ4 Sundays 10 am) writes a weekly column for CNI Newspapers and as an active blogger - Sykes Writes -- is the champion of the Wisconsin Blogosphere. Be sure to check out other features on the right side of this page.

THURSDAY, March 2, 2006, 9:34 a.m.

Here is the link to the website of Rev. Ralph Ovadal in which he says that the late Pope John Paul II was a "minister of satan."

Ovadal's church is one of Senator Tom Reynolds' printing clients and sources of his income.

I asked him if he intended to continue his association with Ovadal's group. He said he would, although he claimed he was unaware of Ovadal's comments on the Catholic Church. Here's a sample:

What should any true follower of Jesus say about such a man as Pope John Paul II? What should one who has assumed a role as a shepherd of Christ's flock or a spokesman for His Church say about the pope? Plainly and simply put, they should say that John Paul II was a counterfeit, a minister of Satan (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). They should tell the truth that he was an accursed man who deceived millions. Those who cannot tell the truth should not say anything. Those evangelical leaders who feel so compelled to express their affection and respect for Pope John Paul II do not seem to know or care that they are at the same time showing anything but love for the Roman Catholic people whom the pope has deceived and enslaved. They are certainly not showing respect for the Word of God which the pope, that man of sin, trod underfoot and the blood of Jesus which he counted as an unholy thing.


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