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Public Ministry Update


Public Ministry Update

Yes, even sodomite ministers!
Also addressed is the X Su Palabra conference. October 6, 2016

New gospel tract: Christ Jesus Came into the World to Save Sinners

Bernie and Francis

The Downward Spiral of Dr. Joel Beeke's Ministries Continues


An Education Acceptable to God

A Conference of Contradiction and Confusion


The continuing assault upon the authority and trustworthiness of the Scriptures

Pastor Joel Beeke, through RHB, Promoting Modern Bible Translations, Corrupt Teachers, and the UBS

Will the Steward Be Found Faithful?

A Lovers' Spat


A Contrite Apology from Dr. Beeke . . . to "Christian" Rappers!

Has Dr. Joel Beeke Finally Left Refo500? A Response by Pastor Ovadal and Rev. Foster

Mohler and Mormons

A Heartfelt Warning Concerning the Deep and Open Ministry Compromises of Dr. Joel Beeke

The Transcript of a Heart of the Matter Documentary on Refo500: "A Popish Octopus with a Very Long Reach"

New Calvinists in a Monastery

Business as Usual at The Master’s College


From Death unto Life


The Doctrine of Sanctification: The Old Guy Definition?

Perhaps she plays softball? Prayer request and a letter to Roman Catholics from Pastor Ralph Ovadal


10-22-10 They're No Puritans!

10-21-10 Homer Simpson is Catholic, Vatican paper declares

9-2-10 Add this one to the collection!

8-31-10 A Spasm of Evangelical Hypocrisy

8-28-10 What about Rome, Brannon?

7-16-10 And they just said nothing.

7-2-10 And the winner is—the pope

6-23-10 They Ought to Call It "Deathfest"

6-17-10 Another Jewel in the Pope's Tiara, Compliments of Ecumenical Evangelism

5-14-10 Barack, Benedict, and . . . Mathew?

5-3-10 A not-so-smooth job of buck passing and Victory

4-30-10 A May Day Covenant with Death and Hell

4-28-10 A Wonderful and Horrible Thing: May Day 2010

4-16-10 The Indispensable Foundations of Liberty

4-10-10 Westminster 2010 - An Ecumenical Deception

4-6-10 The Enemy Throws Another Gauntlet Down

3-18-10 UK Ministry Promotes MD Evangelical

2-24-10 MacArthur's Disturbing Reply

2-12-10 Affirmation 2010: A Call to Faithfulness

PCC's Spring Preaching Conference, March 27

2-10-10 Cowardice or Hypocrisy? John MacArthur and Albert Mohler


12-3-09 Where Is the True Evangelical Fire?

11-23-09 Response to the Manhattan Declaration

8-14-09 Franklin Graham: Minister of Christ or Priest of Baal?

7-8-09 New Evangelicals and the Papal Fable

5-27-09 Team Players All

5-22-09 Franklin Graham's "Rock"

4-8-09 The Thomas More Society Strikes a Blow Against Liberty and Law.

PCC's Spring Preaching Conference

3-10-09 Pilgrims Covenant Church Bus Campaign

New gospel tract added: The Value of Our Souls

1-19-09 - A Consistent Application of a Consistent Error

1-14-09  Seizing the Moment

1-8-09 The Coming (Phoney) War between Barack and Benedict


12-1-08 Letter to Gov. Sarah Palin

8-8-08 This Silence Is Shameful.

7-31-08 We Stand Against the Goddess Worship in La Crosse.

7-3-08 Cornerstone Report

7-1-08 PCC flyer handed out at the Cornerstone festival on July 1, 2008

4-15-08 Benedict, Go Home!

4-14-08 Bush Says He Sees God in Eyes of Pope

3-28-08 Will the Real Wimps Please Stand Up?

1-12-08 Una Advertencia Urgente a los Católicos Romanos

1-2-08 Beware of Mike Huckabee



This web site contains references to Wisconsin Christians United (WCU). That ministry, which was founded by Ralph Ovadal in 1993, has been included as a ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church since April 1, 2005. 

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