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". . . there is a form of fascism afoot in America, a form of fascism which threatens the well-being and liberty of every moral man, woman, and child in this nation—especially those who love the Lord and His eternal precepts. A fascist beast is on the loose . . . Over the years, I have felt the fury of the homosexual movement, via both physical attacks and hundreds of threats. I have seen the rage that a simple gospel message of repentance and rebirth can kindle in the hard-core sodomite's heart. My testimony to those with ears to hear is that a fascist heart beats in the bosom of America's very dangerous homosexual movement. Yet this is no excuse to draw back or to mute the gospel in the face of the 'gay' brown shirts. Quite the opposite."

Excerpt from the forward of the 1998 book Answering Sodom by Ralph Ovadal. Currently out of print.




What God's Word Says about Homosexuality
Bible Verses Dealing with Homosexuality

Homosexuality: The Truth

Correspondence from the "Tolerant, Inclusive Gay and Lesbian Community"

A Consistent Application of a Consistent Error
January 19, 2009. There will be many conservative evangelicals, including pro-family leaders, who will rightly condemn Rick Warren for his wicked remarks concerning sodomite Bishop Gene Robinson. But brethren, the ungodly errors of Rick Warren are rooted in, and nourished by, the refusal of conservative evangelicals to stand by the Word of God themselves. . . .

A Deadly Confluence of Errors
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has said some good things, and some bad things, regarding the issue of homosexuality.

With Friends Like Albert Mohler, Who Needs Enemies?

Homo-Fascist Watch

More Damaging Confusion from the "Ex-Gay" Movement

A Letter from a "Brother"

The Real Tammy Baldwin

The Majority Did What the Majority Had Already Done.

Using God's Word in Public Debate

Faith Is the Victory

"Ex-Homosexual" Groups

Hate Crimes and Matthew Shepard

A Little Discrimination Can Be a Good Thing!


This web site contains references to Wisconsin Christians United (WCU). That ministry, which was founded by Ralph Ovadal in 1993, has been included as a ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church since April 1, 2005. 

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