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March 28, 2008
Will the Real Wimps Please Stand Up?
Just another day in the surreal world of the ecumenical pro-life movement
By Pastor Ralph Ovadal

Rev. Flip Benham is criticizing conservative talk show hosts for not being more aggressive in holding Dr. Jeremiah Wright accountable for preaching another gospel. Dr. Wright, Barack Obama's pastor, has been in the news of late on account of some racist and "hate America" type statements in a number of his sermons. Rev. Benham, a pastor and the director of the pro-life ministry Operation Save America/Operation Rescue, recently put out a press release titled "Rev. Wright Is Wrong--Conservative Media Are Wimps." Quotes from that release have appeared in the Christian media. Here is a portion of Benham's press release which can be read in full at http://www.operationsaveamerica.org/279.htm:

"Barack Obama has pulled the race card (which effectively brings to an end all meaningful conversation) while FOX News and conservative talk radio have proved once again that 'conservatism' is pretend salt. Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, et. al., cannot see, nor do they dare to portray, the cataclysmic 'change' that Barack Obama is espousing. It is a shift from one God and standard of Law to another. It is a shift from the God of the Bible and our Founding Fathers to the false god of Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright serves the god of his own hate-filled, bigoted imagination and calls it 'Jesus.' Yet our conservative friends dare not call this blasphemy treason. They have yet to call Wright for the apostate he is.

"Wright is preaching 'a different gospel' . . . Rev. Wright is wrong about the Jesus of the Bible!

"Pastor Jeremiah Wright's church is apostate as are all the United Churches of Christ (UCC) in America. Long ago this institution abandoned its rich Christian heritage and responsibility to stand upon the Word of God. . . . Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam, and every false religion are welcome in Trinity United Church of Christ. It's one Commandment is, 'Don't judge me!' Biblical Christianity is, however, not allowed. . . .

"Rev. Wright is no more a Christian than he is a poached egg. . . .

"Barak Obama and black liberation theology (a mixture of Islam, false Christianity, and any other religion that opposes true biblical Christianity) is not Christianity, and those of us who know better (real salt) need to say so."

Rev. Benham is right in what he says about Barack Obama and Dr. Wright. But it is ironic that he takes conservative talk show hosts to task for not speaking out more forcefully against an apostate pastor preaching a "different gospel" and an apostate church which has "abandoned its rich Christian heritage and responsibility to stand on the Word of God." In fact, when his very words are considered in context, they are consistent with the deception and surreal nature of the ecumenical pro-life/pro-family movement in America.

I say these things because Rev. Benham openly and enthusiastically engages in worship, prayer, and pro-life ministry with Roman Catholics, including priests such as Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. In fact, Benham has many times had such priests literally preach at his Operation Save America/Operation Rescue events. It is a gross understatement to point out that Rev. Benham has "yet to call" the pope "for the apostate he is."

The Roman Catholic Church is an apostate church; more accurately, it is the mother of all apostate churches (Rev. 17:5). It is a church which long ago abandoned "true biblical Christianity" and the Word of God, being now filled with all manner of idolatry, blasphemy, and grievous, soul-damning error. The pope, by his words and by his doctrine, shows himself to be, beyond any doubt, an apostate who preaches a false Christ, a false gospel and "is no more a Christian than he is a poached egg." Far from daring to call Roman Catholic "blasphemy treason" and the pope "the apostate he is," Rev. Benham holds both to be Christian and stubbornly continues to openly yoke with Roman Catholics in ministry and worship! If conservative talk show hosts are "wimps" for not being stronger in their criticism of Rev. Wright, what does that make an evangelical pastor who willingly joins in ministry with the Roman Catholic Church and accepts priests as Christian brothers?

I know for a fact that Rev. Benham has more than once been shown the error of his ecumenical ways, yet he continues to boldly seduce the Lord's people into ecumenical error even as he assists the corrupt cause of popery. And so it is fair to assume Flip Benham and other evangelical pastors and leaders "cannot see, nor do they dare to portray" what the Word of God says about the heretical dogmas, decrees, and rituals of that apostate church/papal state in Rome which is so "wrong about the Jesus of the Bible." Yes, the pope's Jesus is pro-life, but he is a false Christ, impotent to save sinners without the essential help of popes, priests, confessions, dead saints, sacraments, indulgences, good works, purgatory, and a goddess named "Virgin Mary." The pope's Jesus is everyday commanded by priests to prostrate himself on their Romish altar to be "immolated" in a "bloodless sacrifice" in the form of a wafer and a cup of wine. The pope's Jesus--body, blood, soul, and divinity--ends up as a wafer in a little "tabernacle" before which the poor, deceived Roman Catholic people bow and pray.

So, in light of the warm embrace and working partnership Rev. Benham and his Operation Save America/Operation Rescue maintain with the pope's church which so arrogantly, aggressively, and wickedly "opposes true biblical Christianity," is it safe to ask whether the man and his organization are "pretend salt"? Surely, the Roman Catholic Church "is not Christianity, and those of us who know better (real salt) need to say so."

By way of closing, I ask: Why is it that so many Protestants find it so impossible to be faithful to Christ and fight abortion at the same time? May the Lord be pleased to bring a thorough reformation in the pro-life movement. May He hasten the day when men such as Flip Benham, who have shown so much dedication and courage in defense of the helpless unborn, show that same dedication and courage in defense of the gospel and church of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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