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June 19, 2006
Catholic Answers of Another Kind!

Over the past few days, we have received an avalanche of e-mails since Karl Keating of Catholic Answers wrote about a recent article of mine titled "Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration." I thought it might be worthwhile for some of you if I would share a few excerpts from a few e-mails. We receive regular feedback from Catholics; so some of the comments included below deal with issues other than the article I mentioned. But it is helpful to consider such comments and the ideology behind them.

By the way, over the years, we have heard from individuals whom the Lord saved through the truth they received through this ministry. We are not out to cause controversy and derive no special pleasure from it. Our desire is to be "set for the defence of the gospel" and, by God's grace, to be used by Him in the salvation of souls. The controversy is an irrelevant issue. If we are earnestly contending "for the faith once delivered unto the saints," of course there will be controversy and of course God will use that controversy for good.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal

Considering your anti-Catholic venom, I really believe that you should be comitted to a mental health facility. —Maryland

I spent 40 years as a Protestant Bible teacher.  I am now a born again CATHOLIC.  I was blind for so long.  I taught young people wrong for so long.  But through Gods Grace Alone He led me to the true Church of Jesus Christ. —Louisiana

Wow, you really have no clue.  To call the late, Great Pope John Paul II a "minister of Satan" you have no concept of knowing someone 'by their fruits'.  Sir, you have a gross misunderstanding of Scripture, of the Church, and who our Lord Jesus Christ is or what He teaches.  May God have mercy on your soul. —Michigan

So happy to read of Randall Terry's conversion to the Catholic Church. The Holy Spirit is doing wonderful things in the pro-life ministry. I believe the woman responsible for Roe vs Wade has also become repentant and Catholic.  May the Lord Jesus continue His wonderful conversion as He gathers His faithful from east to west. Hope someday you realize as well. God Bless you —Wisconsin

To date, this is the most mean-spirited, ugly and slanderous web site I've seen.  I pray for people like you.  However, if I was to be contacted by any of your members, I would report the contact to the police. You do not have a clue about the Roman Catholic Church.  Peace and blessings and the courage to be Christian. —South Carolina

I read your "Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration" and I thank you for it.  I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time.  I hope you didn't have your tongue in your cheek when you wrote that as you might have bitten it off.  I didn't think such anti-Catholic bigotry was still around. —Louisiana

With all due respect as a former Presbyterian , Evangelical , and now born again Catholic I just have four words to say to your "church?" "you are all nuts"....it's your kind of narrow minded theology that led me to the true church of Jesus Christ. —Pennsylvania

It's perfectly legal to hate whichever denomination you like, but slander is not protected speech.  Ovadal needs to get his facts straight about doctrines of the Holy Catholic Church.  And I'd be glad to instruct him.  It would make his rants more believable if he didn't manipulate data to fit his pre-conceived agenda against The One True Church of Christ. —[Location not given]

Thank you for the resources you have posted on your site regarding Abortion and Homosexuality; they are great weapons for winning the culture war we are presently in.  Unfortunately, Some of your other resources, especially your anti-catholic material, is not only erroneous and misinformed, but will not aid us Christians as we fight against our enemy, Satan.  Protestants and Catholics are separated brethern, allies in the fight for the souls of our world.  We will not succeed in our mission if we continue to rage civil war upon eachother.  Please do not incite any more hatred or encourage misunderstand amongst God's ranks.  We all must work together to serve God and to bring Jesus to the world; the lost will not listen if those with the truth are fighting over who has the most truth. —Vancouver, Canada

Wow, what new never heard before slams against the Catholic Church you have on your website. I'm so shocked to hear such. The Church (and by that I mean the Catholic Church, the only one established by God) has defended herself against this type of nonsense going on 2,000 years now. Each era/generation simply puts a new coat of paint on the same old heresies. I guess people like you who rebel against and attempt to tear down God's Church have a niche in each society. Chalk it up to the fall I guess. Our blessed Lord warned us that weeds like you would grow up right along side the wheat. That's okay though, because He also told us that He would be with us always and the fact that no one like you has ever succedded in "exposing" the Church and thus leading to its downfall in the last 2,000 years is evidence I guess that Jesus was telling the truth.I'd just like you to remember one thing. One day you will have to account  for all the harm you've done by spreading all this nonsense about the  Church. . . . I'll  pray for you and all like you, even though it seems as if there is no hope for you. I know, I'll ask for the intercession of the patron saint of lost  causes. —South Carolina

I have read what you wrote about my Mother, the Holy Catholic Church and will pray for God to open your eyes and intellect to the Truth which He has preserved through the Roman Catholic Church. . . . And regarding Immigrants who might make the USA Catholic; I think that would be a marvelous miracle! —Wisconsin

Dear Pastor Ovadal,
I have recently discovered your website. The page entitled, "Ecumenism and Rome" has me confused.  I am a Roman Catholic.  I don't understand why the attack on the Catholic Church. . . .  I have never heard attacks on Protestant traditions by the bishops of the Catholic Church.  There is respect and an attempt to understand the movement of Christ in the life of each person.  The prayer of Jesus Christ to the Father is that His Church be one in unity.  John 17:20-21 In Ecumenism, the Christian traditions working together are doing God's will, just as any family with conflict should try to reconcile differences for the sake of family unity.  Reconciliation will not destroy Truth, because Truth is a person.  Jesus Christ is Truth and He will shine through to destroy all falsehood. In the end, we will all be one, because He has only one body...His Church is One. —Texas

It is shocking that you call yourself Christian when you attack other Churches . Yours is man made.You will be rich because you have led so many away from the Truth.But you will answer to God one day.I will Pray for you and your mis led followers that the Holy Spirit will guide you to the one true Church founded by Christ at Pentecost.NOT the ones you made up.God told St.Peter(the first Pope) upon this Rock i will build my Church,NOT Churches. Repent now ,it's never too late before we have to answer for the many lies and misleading information you are putting out.The devil has fooled you and you are leading many to him —Niagara Falls, Canada

My father was a Presbyterian, God rest his soul. I witness to you today that by the mercy of God I am a Roman Catholic, and I believe that God is calling all his children home to the Catholic Church, founded by Christ. We know from John chapter 17 that Jesus with great emotion prayed for unity. He said, Father, let them be one, as we are one.My prayer is that all Protestants will one day soon come home to the one true Church founded by Jesus. Christ and his Church can not be separated. They are one and the same. I pray for you separated brethren in every rosary. I hope that you will desire Christian unity as I do, and as Christ does. —Wisconsin

As so many of my brothers in Christ you spew hatred against all Catholics.  Do you know and see inside our hearts?  Who gave you the right to make such hateful judgements? —Pennsylvania

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