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Reconquista, Republicanism, and Rome
By Pastor Ralph Ovadal, June 30, 2004

Several years ago, I visited Northern Ireland and, for the first time, attained a clear understanding of the situation in that distressed corner of the United Kingdom. As I learned about the Troubles in Ulster, I saw parallels to an increasingly dangerous situation in the southwest portion of the United States of America. It is impossible to share an in-depth analysis of those parallels in this short article; therefore, I will content myself with giving a brief synopsis of the similarities between the efforts to annex Ulster to the Republic of Ireland and a determined effort to annex to Mexico five of America's southwestern states and portions of two more. I will leave it to the knowledgeable reader to connect the dots and make the comparisons.

The campaign to accomplish the enlargement of Mexico at America's expense is called Reconquista, which is Spanish for Reconquest. For several decades, the border between America and Mexico has resembled a sieve; and for political reasons, the governments of both nations have refused to secure it. Mexican politicians encourage illegal immigration by their citizens into America for three main reasons. First, illegal immigrants send home money which in turn helps Mexico's economy. Second, Mexican politicians see illegal immigration to America as a way to reduce crime and poverty in Mexico. Third, most Mexican politicians hate America and back Reconquista.

When Mexican citizens in the United States commit felonies against Americans -- including rape, robbery, and sometimes even murder -- all that the criminals need to do to avoid the consequences of their acts is to slip across the border back to their home country. The Mexican government refuses to extradite suspects to the United States except in the most extraordinary cases.

Most Mexicans living in America illegally -- and in some cases, even legally -- consider themselves Mexicans, not Americans. In fact, in some city neighborhoods in the border regions, one does not see American flags flying but Mexican flags.

In recent years, a number of individuals elected to political office in such American cities have been Mexicans who have attained American citizenship while retaining their Mexican citizenship. While such dual citizenship is encouraged by the Mexican government, it is not consistent with the oath of office in my nation. But it is allowed nevertheless. Thus we in essence have foreign nationals occupying government offices in the United States of America. Such individuals are unabashedly pro-Reconquista and anti-American. Their loyalty is for another nation, and their goal is to annex their area of representation to that foreign nation.

The shifting population demographics of the American Southwest are in favor of the neo-conquistadors. Not only are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring across the border from Mexico into the United States yearly, but the same people are having far more children than the average American couple.

Any American who speaks out against illegal immigration or Reconquista, even if he happens to be a Black American or a Hispanic American, is immediately tagged as a racist.

The victims of what we call the alien invasion of the Southwest are law-abiding, hardworking citizens. Ranchers have seen their property become trash-strewn, nocturnal highways for masses of illegals, including drug dealers and criminals. American citizens in the rural areas and towns in the border states have been raped, robbed, kidnapped, assaulted, and murdered by illegal aliens. To protect their families' lives, citizens have installed bars on the windows of their homes and put various security devices in place, thus living in a state of siege. Some have given up and moved away, bringing joy to the hearts of those who wish to "Mexicanize" that portion of America as a precursor to successful Reconquista.

Mexican authorities are anything but concerned about this situation; in fact, there are several documented incidents in which Mexican military personnel have penetrated into American territory and even fired at American citizens. There are also thugs such as the Brown Berets who take every opportunity to intimidate and physically assault Americans who refuse to see things the Reconquista way. At the same time, in the best American tradition, a number of citizen groups have been formed to guard the property and lives of Americans from alien violence. These small, armed-citizen militias operate legally under our Constitution and cooperate with local American border patrol personnel who are caught between corrupt American and vicious Mexican officials. The Mexican government demonizes these brave American citizens and calls for their arrest. Other voices, including those who celebrate when a border patrol officer is murdered, call for their death. In recent months, an American group in Arizona called Ranch Rescue has come under fire from unknown assailants, including a nighttime attack by a sniper team. In short, because the United States government is allowing an alien invasion by individuals who are determined to annex a part of our country to another nation, a militarization of sorts is taking place on both sides of the Reconquista divide.

While there are many other parallels between Ulster and the situation in the American Southwest other than the ones upon which I have touched briefly, here is where I want to present the most important similarity: the Roman Catholic Church is shamelessly exploiting the unfolding tragedy in America. Indeed, that church is one of the driving and sustaining forces behind that toxic and increasingly explosive situation. Rather than discourage illegal immigration and call upon the Mexican government to clean up its corruption and to reform its misery-producing ways, Roman Catholic Church leadership has blatantly supported the alien invasion of my country and, in so doing, has been an invaluable aid to the Reconquista movement while putting many of my countrymen in harm's way of that movement.

Why is this so? The answer is simple -- the Roman Catholic Church has its own plan of reconquest. She is determined to reestablish the power she once exercised over the civil governments and populations of the world. The pope, along with the Reconquista cadre, views South, Central, and North Americas as being one "from Argentina to Alaska." On several occasions, Pope John Paul II has "consecrated" this "America" to "Our Lady of Guadalupe." The Mexican people streaming across America's porous southern border are Roman Catholics. It is in the interest of the Vatican to establish as many Roman Catholics as possible in the United States of America. The pope and his partners in spiritual crime care little how the job is done -- whether illegally or legally -- just so it is done.

For the sake of brevity, I will content myself with giving just one proof which conclusively convicts the Roman church as being an accessory to the increasingly dangerous situation in southwest America, just as she is an accessory to the ongoing tragedy in Ulster. On January 22, 2003, the Catholic bishops of Mexico and the United States issued Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope, A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration. Revealingly, in a list of definitions accompanying the letter, there is no definition for illegal immigrant. Rather than use the illegal word, the bishops explain that the "undocumented immigrant" is a person who is called such "because they lack the required paperwork." A migrant is defined as "a person on the move."

Encouragement for illegal, Mexican immigration to America is the constant theme, both subtle and not so subtle, which runs through the many pages of the bishops' letter. The reason for this is easy enough to comprehend. Mexican "migrants" are called "bearers of faith and culture." The bishops, speaking to Mexican and American Catholics, "call upon pastors and lay leaders to ensure support for migrant and immigrant families." They "urge communities to offer migrant families hospitality, not hostility along their journey"; and they "commend church communities that have established migrant shelters." The bishops instruct Catholic church officials on both sides of the border to focus on "the needs of migrants on their journey," consider "the possibility of seminaries in Mexico to prepare priests for service in the United States," and also provide for "the assignment of religious communities to accompany migrants." In short, on January 22, 2003, the Catholic bishops of Mexico and the United States openly issued instructions for the construction of an underground railroad, complete with safe houses and guides, to funnel illegal, Roman Catholic aliens -- "migrants" -- from Mexico into the United States.

Further, the bishops are working to set up Mexican dioceses in the United States. Among many other instructions given for this unlawful network, we find this from the bishops: "Prayer books and guides to social and religious services should be provided along the way and at the points of arrival. The migrants should be reminded of their role as evangelizers . . ." There is no doubt that the Rome-equipped and Rome-assisted, illegal, Mexican immigrants are evangelizers, but not for the true gospel or the true Jesus Christ. Rather, they are evangelizers for a church which seeks to bring the whole world under the iron fist it currently has covered with a velvet glove. The Roman Catholic Church supports the Reconquista movement by its support of illegal immigration into America for the same reason that the Roman Catholic Church supports the Republican movement in Northern Ireland -- it is in Rome's best interest to do so. As the bishops' statement says, "migration between our two nations is necessary and beneficial." Mexican Bishop Carlos Talavera Ramirez invites us to "think of the phenomenon of migration as a road toward the unity of the human family." I hope to not be taking liberty by adding to the bishop's statement "in a one-world religion headquartered in Rome."

In their statement, the Catholic bishops of Mexico and the United States accuse the overburdened and underfunded officers of the U.S. Border Patrol of "physical abuse of migrants . . . including the use of excessive force and the shackling of migrants' hands and feet." Perhaps the next thing that we should expect is for the papists to call for a decommissioning of the Border Patrol and their replacement by the Brown Berets.

At any rate, the moral of this story is that Rome is for Rome, not for Christ; and Rome will do what Rome must do to advance her goal of bringing all people of the world into her orbit. Remember, the Jesuits were created by the Roman Catholic Church; the Roman Catholic Church was not created by the Jesuits. The machinations and horrors of Rome's past were not aberrations but rather the true measure of her nature, a nature currently shrouded but still apparent for those with eyes to see and the courage to speak.

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