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May 22, 2009
Franklin Graham's "Rock"
"For their rock is not as our Rock . . ." Deuteronomy 32:31

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As the old saying goes, some things never change. Included in that category would have to be the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Billy may no longer hold the reins of that ministry, but they are still firmly in the hands of a consummate neo-evangelical, his son Franklin. I assume most who read this article are familiar with Billy Graham's corrupted gospel and his spiritual fornication with Rome. To say the least, son Franklin is no improvement in that regard. Take, for instance, the upcoming "Rock the River" campaign Graham and his organization have planned for this July-August. This series of events will be held in four Mississippi River cities, beginning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and finishing up in St. Paul, Minnesota. The long and the short of the story is that these events are six-hour-plus rock concerts, with "Christian" bands of course. Naturally there will also be a little man-centered "gospel" preaching by Graham thrown in. Lest we forget, this is all about reaching young people for Christ.

Organizers are reassuring the public "the music is the message" and urging those of the older set who may not like blaring music to bring ear plugs! But, to get to the ecumenical part of this spiritually sordid tale, Rock the River will be quintessential Graham corruption. Roman Catholics are deeply involved in this "evangelistic" outreach to youth. In complete contempt for the church's Rock, Jesus Christ, Franklin Graham's staff is working hand in hand with Roman Catholic Church officials in each of the "Rock the River" towns to make certain the tour is a big success--which means, simply put, that huge crowds attend the concerts, large numbers of young people are wooed into making false professions of faith, the cause of ecumenism is advanced, and Franklin Graham is given good press by the very media people who hate the Christ Graham claims to serve.

An April 23, 2009 article in the official newspaper of the St. Paul/Minneapolis Archdiocese confirms that Franklin is sticking with his father's ecumenical modus operandi. Writing in the Catholic Spirit, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt begins by stating, "I have been contacted by representatives of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who in­form me that they are sponsoring four events this summer in cities along the Mississippi River, called Rock the River Tour." He then goes on to give details of the events, including that they are "aimed at junior and senior high school students." Next, the archbishop gives an appeal for Roman Catholics to volunteer "to counsel the youth who will be present toward a deeper conversion of faith," i.e., the counterfeit faith of popery.

This appeal comes with the reassurance Priest Nienstedt was given from Franklin and Co.: "I have been assured that there will be no attempt to proselytize young people into an evangelical church. Each person will be encouraged to make contact with his or her church affiliation, whether current or lapsed. . . . They state they are not coming to take from our religious communities, but to invest in our youth." I suppose Franklin Graham is quite proud of the confidence Archbishop Nienstedt has vested in him. But any faithful minister of Christ would rather die than to have a faithful son of Rome--an archbishop no less--make such a truthful boast of him. And remember, not only has Graham promised not to "proselytize" Roman Catholic youth, but also he is actually incorporating Roman Catholic counselors into these events!

In his Catholic Spirit exhortation, the archbishop reminds his flock of the benefits of ecumenism, and of course, he is right. Such ecumenical events are very beneficial to Antichrist, even as they are at the same time an offense to the Lord and a very great danger to the souls of sinners. Unlike the Apostle Paul, Franklin Graham is anything but "pure from the blood of all men" (Acts 20:26). Quite the contrary, he is one of those "grievous wolves" of which the Apostle warned. He is an enemy of Christ and His glorious gospel. He is a false teacher in league with Antichrist in the beguiling of lost souls. There will be Christians who will now take issue with me for being too hard on Franklin Graham. Well, to them I say, Where is your compassion for the lost, including Roman Catholics? And even more importantly, where is your love for Christ and zeal for His blood-bought church? The following quote, taken from the Internet blog of a Roman Catholic "youth minister," really says all a true follower of Christ needs to know to judge righteous judgment on this matter.

"I've been meeting and networking with some great people and ministries in the evangelical world and it's been great. I get excited when we can all stand behind a common vision and heart for Jesus Christ and for teens. . . . I got an email from a Catholic youth guy who works for the Archdiocese of St. Louis and about the Rock the River tour the Billy Graham Association is putting on in St. Louis in August. . . . Seems that just yesterday at their staff meeting they got the word that Bishop Hermann was behind Rock the River and wants the Catholic Youth Apostolate to get involved!! Praise the Lord! . . . Pretty exciting stuff. Just goes to show you that the Spirit is blessing a heart for unity among Christians! It's the intention of the Spirit to bring Christians together to build His Kingdom. Keep praying for Christian unity - God is moving in our area and I'm sure across the country and around the world."

The true evangelical church ought to be up in spiritual arms against Franklin Graham and his Rock the River Tour. However, if things go as usual, Christian radio will promote it, local evangelical pastors will enthusiastically embrace it, and many to whom our Lord is "a stumblingstone and rock of offence" will express their wish that there were more "Christians" like Franklin Graham. Meanwhile, at best, only a tiny handful of Christians will be on hand at one or two of the Rock the River events to protest it in the true Protestant sense and present the true gospel of Christ. We must pray that the Lord will stir up and strengthen those whose faith truly rests on, and in, the Rock to take their stand for Him in this critical hour.

--Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin, www.pccmonroe.org

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