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April 10, 2010
Westminster 2010—An Ecumenical Deception

(Please see also The Enemy Throws Another Gauntlet Down.)

FYI for those of our UK friends who may not be on Rev. Ratcliff's e-mail list. It is so good to see the banner of truth being raised in your nation. You may be assured that we in the USA will be praying fervently for our UK brethren who have "understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do."

Ralph Ovadal

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 5:30 PM
Subject: Westminster 2010 - An Ecumenical Deception

Dear Friends/Colleagues/Others,

I was looking through the signatories of Westminster 2010 http://www.westminster2010.org.uk/ and believe I saw you on the list. If it is not you and just someone with the same name then please ignore this and accept my apologies for troubling you. I am also sending this to a few other people who I am almost 100% sure have not signed, but who may want to forward this to others.

You may not have realised but this is a thoroughly ecumenical document as its key signatories include a Roman Catholic Cardinal. Therefore signing the document implies that you believe that the false Roman Catholic religion is actually Christian.

I believe the whole thing to be a foolish exercise in politics at the expense of the Gospel. It is highly dangerous and misleading. The Roman Catholic Church works through the pro-life movement to undermine evangelicals and through its social teaching to undermine nations.

I hope you will realise the seriousness of this false ecumenism disguised as Christian action. I am told by a spokesman for Westminster 2010 that your name can easily be removed if you email them to request this at info@westminster2010.org.uk and request that your name is removed. I am sorry that organisations such as CCFON are leading Christians astray in this manner.

Please forward this email to any people that you think may have inadvertently signed Westminster 2010.

If you are still determined to stay on the list of signatories for pragmatic political reasons, then consider this: What good can a few thousand signatures do in godless Britain? Consider how much harm you may cause to Roman Catholics who are considering the Gospel when they see that you who call yourself evangelicals are calling a Cardinal Wolf a "Christian"?

Finally, be of good cheer, just as David beat Goliath "against all the odds", so much more has the despised and crucified Christ Jesus overcome the world. While we are rightly vexed like righteous Lot, and seek to preach to men of all sorts and conditions, let us rely solely upon the Lord for the salvation of all the elect and His glorious return.

Yours saved entirely by God's grace,
Rev Peter Ratcliff
English Churchman

ps. If you are not already a subscriber I can email you a pdf sample of a recent English Churchman which addresses the Christian Institute's determination to host Wayne Grudem who is a key signatory of the Manhattan Declaration which is a similarly despicable ecumenical statement that was issued recently in the USA.


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