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February 24, 2010
MacArthur's Disturbing Reply

Dear Friends,

As some of you remember, five weeks ago I sent a letter to Dr. John MacArthur concerning Manhattan Declaration signer Dr. Albert Mohler speaking and teaching at the Shepherds' Conference. That event is sponsored by MacArthur's church. This week I received a response from Dr. MacArthur. It is dated February 11, postmarked February 17. Quite frankly, it is a very disturbing, hypocritical letter which sounds as if it were written by a politician, not a faithful preacher. I have now written and mailed my response to Dr. MacArthur. I know some of you are interested in this very important matter. So, for those in that category, attached to this e-mail you will find, in this order, first my initial letter for those who have not read it and want to do so. Next, is Dr. MacArthur's letter to me. Finally, you will find my response to him in which I pretty much leveled the artillery of Scripture and blasted away. But at this point, anything less would be less than faithful. I hope many other pastors will at least drop the famous Bible teacher a line or two as well, urging him to do the right thing with regard to Mohler. By the way, for some context to this issue, take eleven minutes and listen to John MacArthur on his Grace to You audio blog of February 12, 2010 as posted on SermonAudio. What you will hear is rank, shameless, almost unbelievable dissimulation! My thanks to Rev. Andy Foster for sending me that link. Please feel free to pass on to others the information in this e-mail.


Ralph Ovadal





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