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February 10, 2010
Cowardice or Hypocrisy?
John MacArthur and Albert Mohler

by Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin

Dear Friends,

Awhile back, I sent the letter included below to Dr. John MacArthur. It has been sent to him both by e-mail and through the U.S. post office. Some of you have expressed interest in hearing Dr. MacArthur's response to my letter. Simply put, the response is complete silence. At least as of now, Dr. Albert Mohler will still be preaching and teaching at the Shepherds' Conference hosted by John MacArthur's Grace Community Church. Faithful Phinehas plunged a javelin through the Israelite man who was fornicating with the Moabite woman in the camp of God's people, killing both. Albert Mohler has committed open spiritual fornication with the Romish whore and John MacArthur, rather than doing due execution with the sword of the Spirit, invites Mohler to teach the Lord's people at the Shepherds' Conference! "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!" (Jeremiah 9:1).


Ralph Ovadal


----- Original Message -----
Pilgrims Covenant Church
To: letters@gty.org
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:51 AM
Subject: Attn: Dr. MacArthur

"But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed." Galatians 2:11

Dear Dr. MacArthur,

In light of his having signed the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration, that highly publicized document which presents and promotes a false gospel as well as apostate religion, will Dr. Albert Mohler still be speaking at your church's upcoming Shepherds' Conference this March 4? I noticed that he is still listed as a speaker on your web site. I am certain you are well versed in the many Scriptures which command us to break fellowship with those who teach or promote a false gospel as well as those who walk disorderly, corrupt the church, and lead the Lord's people into error. In light of those Scriptures, I cannot see how you could allow Dr. Mohler to speak.

I note that the Shepherds' Conference is being promoted as a time to "sit under the teaching of godly men--men who have proven themselves to be passionate teachers of God's Word and faithful shepherds of God's people." How can it be that Dr. Mohler is a faithful shepherd of God's people when he has publicly yoked with Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests and leaders, as well as apostate Anglican personalities, and told the whole world that such are not only "Christians" and "the church" but also that their gospel is "the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"? Certainly, from the Scriptures we know that our Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles would not hold Dr. Mohler, at this time, to be a faithful shepherd of the church which Christ "hath purchased with his own blood." Quite the contrary. Thus, for the glory of God and the good of His people, I hope and pray your conference will not present Dr. Mohler as an example of a faithful shepherd.

I also note that the Shepherds' Conference Sunday worship service is billed as ". . . an opportunity to see the principles taught during the week put into practice. Join with the saints as we exalt our great God and Savior through worship in music and preaching." I do not mean to sound sarcastic, but what principles will the Lord's people see being put in practice if you allow Dr. Mohler to speak at your conference, and how will his being included exalt our great God and Savior? At the very best, his presence can only sow confusion. But worse, his presence will disciple at least some Christians in hypocrisy, irreverence, subjective reasoning, and bold disobedience. In fact, it will not be so only for those who attend your conference but also for the many more who hear about and read about it.

If you allow Dr. Mohler to speak at your conference, you will be putting your imprimatur on his grievous error and compromise. In this, you will then be not only desensitizing Christians to his error, but you will also be sharing in that error and leading the Lord's people astray. Plainly put, the lesson given will be that the authority of God's word, the purity of the gospel, and the welfare of Christ's blood-bought church are not at all of first importance and essential but in reality are very secondary, non-essential matters. 

I hope you will ask Dr. Mohler to repent for signing the Manhattan Declaration, publicly announce that he has erred and that he is removing his name from the document. Otherwise, I trust you will not allow him to speak at your conference. Based on the word of God, I do not hesitate to state that you have no other obedient and righteous option. You are a very influential man. If you do what is right in this matter, you will be doing a great service for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ and His people. It will also be an act of love toward Dr. Mohler, unlike the alternative.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reply to my inquiry and let me know what course of action you will be taking.


Ralph Ovadal
Pastor, Pilgrims Covenant Church
Monroe, Wisconsin


This web site contains references to Wisconsin Christians United (WCU). That ministry, which was founded by Ralph Ovadal in 1993, has been included as a ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church since April 1, 2005. 

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